Corey and Grace

Yandina 150
Corey and Grace
As part of our Meet the Locals series, we introduce Corey and Grace of Gun Cotton

Corey and Grace

Corey and Grace established Gun Gotton café in Yandina in March 2020.

Until then the couple had been running a successful hospitality business in Noosa. However, one Saturday they visited the Yandina Market and then decided to take a look around the town.

“We were immediately impressed with Yandina’s charm and character,” said Corey.

“We walked around and looked at the old pub, the shops in Stevens street with their verandahs, the historic School of Arts and the Feed Barn. We just though … ‘wow’.

“It’s a beautiful town with so much going for it. Yandina is friendly and vibrant, and it’s really on the move; people are discovering it.”

When a building in Railway Street (formerly operated as The Shared) came up for lease, they didn’t hesitate. They sold their Noosa business and established Gun Cotton.

On 7 March 2021 Gun Cotton will have been open for exactly one year. “This has absolutely been the best move for us,” Corey said. “Business is good. Yandina seems to like us, and we love Yandina!”