Early Homes

Yandina 150
1890s. Browne homestead.
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Early Homes

1890s. George Browne and family at the farm homestead at Yandina Creek, where he was the manager for Robert Fleming.

1894. Koongalba was the home of John and Louisa Low and their nine children who were all born there. Building materials were supplied by William Pettigrew’s Maroochydore Sawmill, rafted upriver and brought to the site by bullock wagon. The walls were cross braced and single skin. The shingle roof was replaced about 1914 with galvanized iron. The house, located in Wharf Street, remains the home of direct descendants of the Low family.

1904. Old Bob’s bark hut had a roof of bark sheets, slab walls and an earth floor. Cooking facilities were outside. It was typical example of a new settler’s home.

1910. The early home of Maroochy River selector Peter and Eliza Stevens and their nine children.

Source: Yandina & District. A Pictorial History. Available from Yandina Historic House.