The Bluegrass Guys

Yandina 150
The Bluegrass Guys

The Bluegrass Guys

Regular visitors to Yandina’s Saturday market are sure to recognise this duo, but they may not know their names.

They are Terry (left) and Neil, who perform as The Bluegrass Guys.

The local pair play all around the Sunshine Coast, at markets and fairs, pubs and events.

Recently they provided entertainment at Yandina’s 150th commemoration ceremony.

Neil tells their story. “I’d always wanted to play guitar and I started about 15 years ago. At about that time I heard the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I didn’t even know that what they played was called bluegrass, but I knew I loved it”.

Shortly after he met Terry, who was playing bluegrass at the Palmwoods Hotel.

“We met again at another gig, and I told Terry I was learning to play bluegrass. I said I had five songs that I was trying to learn, but they were too complicated for me to play.

“He had a look at the sheet music and said he’d been playing those songs for years!

“We started playing together then, and that was about all the rehearsal we have ever done.

“We’ve been playing together ever since.”

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