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Nat the Feed Barn Cat

Yandina Feed Barn is a key part of our township, with a steady stream of regular customers visiting the store for stockfeed and pet supplies every day.

Lyle and his wife Andree have owned the business since 2005. The historic timber building in Farrell Street is always a pleasure to visit with helpful staff who are happy to provide advice and linger for a chat.

There is one ‘staff’ member however, who does remain aloof. He’s a large white and ginger cat, usually found lounging on top of hay bales or stacks of feed pellet bags. Meet Nat the Feed Barn Cat.

He arrived at the Feed Barn 13 years ago. “Our daughter got him from a local animal shelter. She chose him because he had red patches which match her hair colour,” Lyle explains. “He’s named after the character in the Nat the Cat story books.

“He was brought here as a kitten and he’s never left. Nat lives here 365 days a year and he’s very contented.” He enjoys kangaroo mince six days a week and on Sunday, when the shop is closed, he makes do with dry food.

Earlier this year Nat took some unscheduled ‘long service leave’ when he disappeared for several weeks. No one had any idea where he went, but one day he was just back, as usual, on a hay bale. It’s not the first time. “Where he goes is a mystery. He’s his own person; he just chills,” Lyle says.

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