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The Maroochy River was the first highway into Yandina District. Paddlewheel steamers carried timber and supplies to Brisbane and back. A mail boat service began in 1909 and operated continuously for 60 years. From the early 1950s until 1965 many local children journeyed to and from school on the launch Aries.

Material from Yandina 125 Years, a Yandina & District Historical Research Project book, available from Yandina Historic House.


The railway line from Landsborough to Yandina was opened on 1 January 1891. Yandina was an important rail stop in the Maroochy District; and the station became an important depot for engines, railmotors and crew. A steam engine was always kept at Yandina to help push trains over the Cooroy Range; and Yandina was a terminus for trains from Brisbane.

Steam trains traveling the North Coast Railway line took on water from a pump house near the Yandina Railway Bridge.

By 1969 steam engines had been completely replaced by diesel locomotives; and electric trains began to operate between Nambour and Gympie in 1989.


Tracks through the bush made by Indigenous people were the first transport routes in the Yandina District.

The road system of the Yandina District today started in the 1850s men on horseback and progressed to horse and cart, including Cobb & Co coaches.

The 1920s saw a steady increase in the number of motor vehicles using the district roads and, by the late 1930s, horse and bullock-drawn transport had almost completely disappeared from the roads.