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Cindy - Stay Wild Collective
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Meet the Locals


Cindy owns and operates the Stay Wild Collective in Yandina, selling fashion and accessories. She has just opened a second retail outlet in Yandina, focussing on a younger clientele.

She and her husband James live in Kulangoor with their two teenage children.

“I’ve lived in this area for many years and worked in hospitality in Yandina before I opened Stay Wild,” Cindy said.

She has been operating Stay Wild as a retail outlet and online for nearly five years. “I can see Yandina growing and maturing all the time. It’s a lovely place to live and work because of its friendly atmosphere.”


Rachel and her husband Scott moved to Yandina when they bought a house here in 2018.  Their initial motivation for the move was economic. Rachel works part time in retail as she completes a double degree — Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Law.

“We were looking to buy in the Coolum area where I grew up, but we couldn’t afford the sort of place we wanted there.  So we started looking at Yandina and we found what we wanted, which was a nice house on a decent size piece of land.

“I didn’t really know Yandina then, but I soon fell in love with the place. It’s a lovely town, quaint and friendly, but close to plenty of amenities.”